Membership: Sword 49 Forms of Chen's Tai Chi

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About 400 years ago Chen’s Tai Chi was created by Grandmaster Chen Wangting in Chen village (Chenjagou), in Henan Provence, China. This sword routine is one of the oldest Chen's Tai Chi weapon routines which has been practiced for a few hundred years. With clear and specific sword techniques, this traditional sword routine is very good one to learn how to transfer Qi (Internal Energy) to the tip of weapon. After you learn and master the movements and routine very well, you will understand and know how to perform with sword like flowing water and cloud without pause.

In this course, you can learn basics like Sword Finger, Stances and Foot works, also Sword Basics which is useful for learning sword routine. This course covers the whole routine of Chen's Tai Chi Sword Routine (49 Forms). It contains 6 parts of whole routine. Total duration is 151 minutes


Lesson 1: Basics, including Sword Finger, Stances and Foot works.

Lesson 2: Sword Basics.

Lesson 3: Part 1 of Sword 49 Forms.

Lesson 4: Part 2 of Sword 49 Forms.

Lesson 5: Part 3 of Sword 49 Forms.

Lesson 6: Part 4 of Sword 49 Forms.

Lesson 7: Part 5 of Sword 49 Forms.

Lesson 8: Part 6 of Sword 49 Forms.

Lesson 9: Follow Me of Sword 49 Forms (Order).

Lesson 10: Follow Me of Sword 49 Forms (Demo)

As 12th Generation Disciple of Chen’s Tai Chi, Master Leon Xu explains the movements of sword in a simple way, showing and explaining complicated movements in detail so it is very easy to learn, follow and remember. The demo videos shown by Master Leon Xu will give you a chance to feel and learn the smooth movements of sword with Qi. Each video is designed with a different purpose in mind, from detailed step by step instructions to “Follow Me” videos allowing you to follow along as you practice. 

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Membership: Sword 49 Forms of Chen's Tai Chi

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