DVD: For Health and Wellness (Compact 12) of Chen's Taichi

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Chen's Taichi for Health & Wellness: Compact 12 Forms (Level 2)

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Tai Chi consists of soft, relaxed slow move and is known to reduce stress, increase balance, lower blood pressure and improve general health. Chen’s Tai Chi is the parent form of all Taichi Chuan styles, created in Chen village by the Chen family almost 400 years ago. This DVD contains most videos for Health and Wellness, like Footworks, Joint Warm Up, Spiral Rotation, Compact 12 forms designed for SMALL AREA (7 feet by 7 feet).

Master Leon Xu is 12th generation successor of Chen’s Taichi, disciple of Grand Master Chen Zhenglei. In DVD, master Leon Xu explains and shows each movement in steps with 4 side views. In main menu, it is easy to choose each movement. Beginners can understand and learn each move very easily and quickly.

Bonus: Follow Me, Follow Me in Mirror Image.

Length: 1 hour 38 minutes (2 Discs).

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DVD: For Health and Wellness (Compact 12) of Chen's Taichi

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