DVD: Chen's Taichi Old Form 1 for Beginners

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DVD: Chen's Taichi Old Form 1 for Beginners

Sino Wushu Academy
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Chen's Taichi Old Form 1: for Beginners

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About 400 years ago Chen’s Tai Chi was created in Chen village (Chenjagou), in Henan Province, China. It is the parent form of all other Tai Chi forms. This soft relaxed exercise is well famous for reducing stress, increasing balance, and improving general health. It is very good for feeling and training the Qi which leads and controls the whole physical body. The videos in this DVD contain Basics Hand, Stance, Footworks, Spiral Rotation and the all 74 movements of Old Form 1.

In DVD, Master Leon Xu explains and shows each move in detail with 4 side views. In main menu, you have direct access to each movement. You can easily and quickly understand and learn each move.


DVD 1 (Hand, Stance, Footworks, Rotation, Move 1-15);

DVD 2 (Move 16-38);

DVD 3 (Move 39-63),

DVD 4 (Move 64-74, Follow Me, Follow Me in Mirror Image)


Bonus: Follow Me, Follow Me in Mirror Image.

Length: 4 hour 45 minutes (4 Discs).

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